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A Few Car Photos from Jeremy Judd Page: 2

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Now, here's a rarity!!!
The Hustler range of kit cars were marketed in the 1980's by William Towns who's day job was designing post 'DB' Aston Martins. There were many variants mostly based on Mini mechanicals although he did turn up at a show one year with a car much like the above but powered by Jaguar V12.
The 'Huntsman' differed from earlier Hustlers in that it used hydraulic suspension. This provides a comfortable ride and makes adjustent of ride height particularly easy. It also had 4 'windoors' , William Towns's term for the sliding glass means of entry and exit .As far as I know I bought the only one!
The car was used promoting Jill's business around the Marinas , it certainly gets noticed, and for school runs etc. It has now been dry stored for about 12 years so its sound and rust free but just about everything is seized. A bit of a project for someone but I could be persuaded to part with it for a modest sum.